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Appearance and physical characteristics of the Shih Tzu

Appearance and physical characteristics of the Shih Tzu

 In this post we are not going to do a rigorous analysis of the standards of the breed, this can be found on many pages and specifically in the clubs and federations, this blog is focused on the Shih Tzus as companions and therefore we will make a description of their most relevant physical characteristics that may interest the least understood in the race and can help them choose the right shih tzu.

Shih tzus are classified within small dog breeds, but despite this they are robust and strong. They have a compact body with short legs that make shih tzus especially when they are puppies, very funny in their movements, with their characteristic little jumps.

Appearance and physical characteristics of the Shih Tzu
One of the most significant physical characteristics of the shih tzu breed  is their coquette, black and flat truffle, with ample width between the eyes. The nose hair grows upwards, and is usually tied in a bow when they are adults.

Its coat is magnificent, it can be in different colors; An important feature is that there is a white streak on the forehead and at the tip of the tail. Some of the most characteristic shih tzu are tricolors; browns, whites and blacks, they usually have black marking the contour of their ears. Her hair is straight or very slightly wavy, leafy and soft.

We have to mention his expressive eyes, round and black, with a deep and expressive look that from puppies seems to speak to us. The expression on his face is friendly, sweet and tender but with a touch of the elegance that characterizes them.

The standard weight of the breed is between 4.5 Kg and 8.1kg, they do not have much volume since they are robust bones and compact body. In other words, they always appear to weigh less than they actually weigh.