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Character of a shih tzu

Character of a shih tzu

     Shih tzu dogs have been bred for generations to be a good companion dog. So one of their main characteristics is that they are very loyal and patient. That is why they are highly recommended for living with children and the elderly, they can stay calm simply by waiting lying down for their owner to decide to get up from the sofa.

character of a shih tzu

Despite this, the shih tzus are happy and sociable. They get along great with people but also with other dogs, so they make friends very easily. It has a medium energy level so it is quite important for them to do activities to burn it.

Puppies can be a little clumsy but always very noble and obedient if they know how to treat well, they also adapt well to the physical possibilities of the owner, in fact this ability to adapt to their owners is one of their main virtues.