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Shih Tzu Facts: Everything you need to know about your Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Facts: Everything you need to know about your Shih Tzu

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 Whether you are wanting to learn about the Shih Tzu Breed, or just curious about the breed of your pet or potential pet!  The shih tzu, known for its entertaining sounding name (the genuine elocution is really "sheed-zoo," much thanks), has a great deal to offer. Steadfast help hounds and adoring allies, these little pooches are a perfect fit for anybody needing warmth. Get familiar with the pooch and its long history of softening hearts.  If you are wanting to know more about this wonderful dog breed, look no further! I present to you; some Shih Tzu facts!


#1. Shih Tzu Fact: The Breed Is More Than 1,000 Years Old

shih tzu fact age

     Documentation of the Shih Tzu goes back more than 1,000 years. The variety's family line returns considerably farther than that. Records show that short, square canines existed in China as right on time as 1,000 B.C.

     These short and heavy pooches were likely the precursors of the Shih Tzu. How cool! No one knows precisely how old the shih tzu is, despite the fact that it existed at any rate as far back as 624 CE (we know this in light of its essence in workmanship from the period).

     Similarly as with most old varieties, it's hard to decide when and how precisely it started, however specialists have a few thoughts. As per one well known hypothesis, the variety was begun in Tibet by Buddhist priests and in the long run advanced toward China.  

#2. Shih Tzu Fact: Their hair is sleek  

shih tzu sleek hair facts

     The hair of a shih tzu is really something to envy. Show pooches can be seen brandishing sleek long hair that delays the floor like a dress' train. This specific haircut is extremely difficult to keep up, so most shih tzu proprietors pick to keep their canine's hair in a short style called the "doggy trim." Usually this includes trimming the hair consistently around two creeps from the body (this is likewise alluded to as the "teddy bear trim," since it makes them resemble an extravagant toy).

     Different proprietors select to shave the body hair intently, leaving the hair on the head and ears in a bounce like style (this is known as the "top bunch trim.") If neither of these alternatives bid to you, you can generally book a meeting with this custodian in Taiwan, who will trim your canine's hair into an ideal circle or square.
#3.  Shih Tzu Fact: They're closely related to wolves.

shih tzu related to wolf factual

      They may not appear as though it, however the humble shih tzu is more firmly identified with wolves than numerous fiercer-looking varieties. In 2004, specialists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle tried the hereditary information of 414 mutts from 85 unique varieties.

     They presumed that Asian varieties, from the forcing akita right down to the diminutive Pekingese, are the absolute most seasoned and most firmly identified with Canis lupus familiaris' wolf progenitors. (Just the Nordic varieties have these pooches beat.

#4.  Shih Tzu Fact:  Amazing Show Dogs  

show dog shih tzu facts

     The Shih Tzu is a famous show hound. Once indicated distinctly for appearance, the variety is presently frequently entered in sports rivalries including Rally and Agility. When appeared, the Shih Tzu ought to have its jacket left in its characteristic state. The coat can be cut at the feet and around the rear-end for tidiness.

     There are numerous Shih Tzu clubs in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Shih Tzu contends in many canine shows including the National Dog Show and the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York City.

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#5. Shih Tzu Fact: Royals LOVED THEM.  

fact that royalty loved shih tzu

     Notwithstanding their hereditary similitudes to wolves, shih tzus were reared to be cherishing buddies. The spoiled pets had extravagant existences in royal residences, appreciating all the familiar luxuries a canine could need. Their thick covers made them compelling radiators, and their proprietors would utilize the pooches to keep their beds comfortable. At once, it was even stylish to keep the little canines concealed in huge robe sleeves.

#6. Shih Tzu Fact: Their spots are Legendary.

shih tzu spots are legendary fact

Most shih tzus rock a little white spot on their brows, which is lovingly known as the "Star of Buddha." According to legend, Buddha was going with a little canine buddy that firmly looked like the shih tzu. At the point when a gathering of looters attempted to assault Buddha, the little pooch changed into a wild lion and pursued the criminals off.

    Buddha was so appreciative he kissed the pooch on the brow, giving it its little white imprint. The markings on its back are said to speak to the seat Buddha used to ride the pooch turned-lion.

#7. Shih Tzu Fact: They Came From Tibet  

His Holiness the last Dalai Lama with Shitzu dog

His Holiness the last Dalai Lama with Shitzu dog   

Individuals ordinarily partner the Shih Tzu with China, however they really originated from China's western neighbor, Tibet, which was a sovereign country until the 1950s. Tibet most likely sent pooches to the Chinese sovereignty as endowments.
 In the mid twentieth century, the Chinese sovereign Tzu-siu was skilled a couple of Tibetan lion hounds. She was promptly fascinated, and shielded them from rearing with the Pekingese and pugs in her consideration. The outcome: the shih tzus we know and love today. Siberian imposing, Alaskan malamute, and Samoyed, among others, are the "best living representative[s] of the familial canine genetic supply," the analysts composed.)  

#8. Shih Tzu Fact: Their Name = "Little Lion"  

shih tzu lion facts

     The Mandarin expression "Shih Tzu" means little lion. The Shih Tzu was likely given this name on account of its relationship with the Tibetan Buddhist God of Learning, who, as indicated by legend, went with a little lion hound that could change into a full-sized lion.
#9. Shih Tzu Fact: Many Celebrities Have Owned Shih Tzu

shih tzu with celebrities

     With the Shih Tzu being one of the most popular dog breeds, it’s no surprise that many stars have owned them. Some celebrity owners of Shih Tzu include Nicole Richie, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Colin Farell, Bill Gates, and even Queen Elizabeth II.

#10. Shih Tzu Fact: Military Personnel Brought them to the U.S.  

military personnel brought over the shih tzu fact

     After Shih Tzu were imported to England from China, the English sent them out to different nations in Europe. American fighters positioned in European nations took Shih Tzu back to the United States with them in the late 1940s and 1950s. In those days, Tibetan priests reared various lion-like canines, which they alluded to as "sacred mutts." According to certain records, the Dalai Lama came to China in the seventeenth century with a trio of lion-like pooches. These shih tzu forerunners were reproduced with Chinese canines, bringing about little guys with shorter noses.  
#11. Shih Tzu Fact: They Were Wiped Out During the Communist Revolution 

     At the point when China experienced its Communist Revolution, the Shih Tzu breed vanished. This might not have really been brought about by socialism; a contributing component was the 1908 demise of the Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi, who regulated a world-prestige rearing system of Shih Tzu, Pekingese, and Pugs. At the point when she kicked the bucket, the reproducing program self-destructed, and it turned out to be almost difficult to get a Shih Tzu.  
#12. Shih Tzu Fact: Canines Saved the Breed  
     Since their numbers dwindled down to practically nothing during the principal half of the twentieth century, each Shih Tzu alive today can be followed to one of 14 pooches — seven guys and seven females — that were utilized to remake the variety.  
#13. Shih Tzu Fact: Not Purebred?
     The Shih Tzu wasn't considered purebred until the mid-nineteenth century. That is the point at which the Dalai Lama gave Empress Tzu Hsi a couple of absolutely reared Shih Tzus. The Chinese Empire talented the delightful little long haired pooches to respectability in England and different pieces of Europe. The first Shih Tzus started to show up in the United States in the late 1930's.

     The numbers expanded significantly during the 1940's and 1950's. This is because of the way that American officers positioned in England carried Shih Tzus home with them when they returned to their families. The Shih Tzu breed's prevalence significantly expanded during the 1960's. The variety stays exceptionally mainstream in the United States today. All thoroughbred Shih Tzus are connected to the Chinese bloodline.

#14. Shih Tzu Fact: They are a Breed of Many Colors

shih tzu colors

     Numerous breeds sport just one shading, however admirers of the Shih Tzu can enjoy their extravagance with a rainbow of charming shades and blends. Strong hues go from the darkest dark, charcoal dim and red to the palest gold, silver and cream. Parti-shaded (or two-colored) hounds — white with dark, gold or silver — are especially well known and striking. Shih Tzu even come in stripes or spots

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