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Shih Tzu Training

Shih Tzu Training

Shih Tzu breed of dogs responds to training that uses positive reinforcement strategies. This method
entails strengthening the attitude you want the Shih Tzu to adopt through signaling and giving the dog a
treat (reward) for every successful attempt.

Why Should You Train your Shih Tzu?

It is essential to train your Shih Tzu since you would not want a disobedient dog to live with you. The
Shih Tzu must also have social training because it will be interacting with people. Knowing how to
behave around people and other dogs would keep both you and your pet out of trouble. An ill-
mannered Shih Tzu can easily annoy your friends and, in worse cases, get into trouble.
For basic obedient training, you can teach your Shih Tzu to respond to basic instructions such as sit,
down, stay, and come. These commands can come handy in various scenarios. Perhaps your dog is
approaching traffic, responding to your instruction to stop & go; can save the dog from potential fatalities.
That is why your Shih Tzu must obey basic commands at all times.

Your Shih Tzu Must Respect You

To train a Shih Tzu successfully, the pouch must have respect for you.
You must have loved the Shih Tzu breed before deciding to adopt one. You can recall the excitement in
the face of some of your friends and family members when you informed then you own a Shih Tzu. On
the other hand, some of your friends would consider the pouch to be a nasty and pesky "little rascal."
Well, both reactions are right. The way your train your Shih Tzu would determine if it becomes an
adorable pet or a pesky rascal.
So, you should train your dog to stop bad habits such as stubbornness, food-guarding, chewing pieces of
stuff, nipping, and the likes. The dog should be trained to always listen and obey their human owner.
This type of lesson is crucial because most of the time, Shih Tzu are self-willed dogs that hate taking
You must start training your Shih Tzu early to make the procedure hassle-free. But all hope of training
the dog is not lost if you adopted an older Shih Tzu. It might take time, and you would need to exercise
much patience.
Shih Tzus are smart dogs. They will eventually learn if you use reinforcement strategy, such as giving our
treats to encourage good behavior and discourage bad habits.
Bear in mind that your little dog would not think or act the way you do. Your mindset and that of your
Shih Tzu are miles apart. You will have to learn the things that inspire your Shih Tzu to be responsive so
that your training can be effective and hassle-free.

Do Not Hit Your Dog!
Refrain from hitting your dog altogether. Do not use your hand, newspaper, a leash, or any other thing.
Such action would make your dog cower and fear you. That is not what you want to achieve. You should
build a relationship with your pouch that is driven by trust.
So, saying a "No" is enough to correct your dog.
So instance, when your Shih Tzu is chewing on objects, simply take the item away and say an emphatic
In the dog is barking unnecessarily, approach the dog, and use your hands to shut the jaws gently and
say No; firmly and repeatedly.
Dogs know how to read people, so do not sound frustrated or angry. Just say an emphatic, No.
Bear in mind that you need to exercise patience all through the training. It may time for your Shih Tzu to
learn from you. However, they are intelligent animals and would eventually catch on. All you need to do
it to exercise patience, show lots of love, and have plenty of treats in store.