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Socializing our shih tzu puppy

Socializing our shih tzu puppy

Despite being a charming breed, all dogs need to have adequate socialization from puppies so that no problems occur in the future.

Breeders responsible from a very young age take them to feel the human skin, they recognize the smell and from 21 days of age also the voice. At first the puppy behaves with "its master" as with its mother. From four weeks onwards, he recognizes his position in the group, with his brothers and his mother, and performs the same behaviors with people. However, after six weeks the feeling of fear towards people can appear, they begin to differentiate from each other and this is where you have to focus especially on the socialization process.

Shih tzu puppies.   We must be sweet both with respect to our voice and our movements when we approach a puppy from one and a half months to two and a half / three months. It is necessary to transmit trust and affection, it is a key stage that if done wrong can mark the subsequent social development of the shih tzu.

We must not admit in any case that we are given puppies with less than two months of age because contact with their siblings and mother until that time will be basic for their subsequent socialization with their peers, not because the puppy we have before it will love us more. , nor will he be better educated.

It is important that the puppies when they come home face stimuli, to avoid future fears, that is, noise from the street, contact with other dogs, etc. Many times the problem arises that when we do not have the third vaccine yet, we are afraid that they may catch a disease if we expose them too much, regarding this we must take certain precautions:

 Socializing our shih tzu puppy

     Let them play only with other dogs that we know, that we know are well cared for, do not have any disease, are well dewormed and are balanced (a scare in the puppy before an attack can seriously affect their future behavior)

We can take them out into the street in their arms, so that they get used to the noises, that different people caress them, etc.

We can let them play with children, as long as we have marked their limits well, teaching them how to catch them, treat them, etc. and being vigilant, especially with young children, that our shih tzu is not overwhelmed or in danger.

It is good to take them with us to the houses of friends and family, so that they know that although they have their family nucleus, the rest of the people are also their friends and that they should not be afraid of them or their family.